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INUKA CHAKAMA: Why Chakama is Our #1 Coastal Land Destination

Chakama is among the most sought after Inuka Afrika Properties Limited projects located some 45km from Malindi town. It was launched early this year and has sold approximately 90 plots in the different phases of the project. It is located along the Sala gate by-pass connecting Malindi, Voi and Mtito Andei. The road was commissioned by his excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta on the 26th of January this year.

The Chakama project is near the Baricho water project in Lango Baya that supplies 22 Million Litres of water daily used in Malindi, Kilifi and Mombasa. The project is also touching River Galana. Due to availability of so much water and amazing virgin soil, the project is good for cultivating and things like pineapples and chili do incredibly well. Besides Farming, it is a good investment plan because land appreciates every single day. Commercial activities will also do so well on the plots touching or bordering the highway.

According to Real Estate Analysts in the Coast, Chakama has a 70% growth rate and its potential can be compared to developed rural towns like Kibabii in Western Kenya. Following the bypass commissioned by the president, many businesses will spring up to fill in the commercial gap. Investors are competing to be the first individuals to start up businesses because there is prime market for so many goods and services that are currently not in the area.

At Inuka Afrika Properties Limited, we pride ourselves with focusing on the best interests of our clients. For this reason, we have different phases of the Chakama project that will fit in every clientele’s budget. With as little as ksh 10,000 every month, you can become a plot owner wit a freehold title. Below are the four phases of our project.

  • Chakama Phase 1

This phase has subdivisions of 100ft by 100ft (1/4 an acre) going for Ksh 99,000 on the second row after the tarmac. This price is inclusive of a freehold title deed. On payment of 50% of the price for this project, the balance is expected to be paid within 6 months.

  • Inuka Chakama Mosmos

This phase of the project has plots sized 100ft by 100ft selling at 100,000 Kenya shillings inclusive of a freehold title deed. On this segment of the project, a client is required to pay only 10,000 kenya shillings every month and within 10 months should have completed payment.

  • 1-acre Chakama

On this set, the parcel of land is subdivided into 1 acreage and retails at 250,000 kenya shillings for each acre. The client only pays 50% (ksh 125,000) and the balance is required within six months after the date of issue of the agreement.

  • 7.5 acres Chakama

Lastly, we have the biggest blocks that are 7.5 acres each. The price of these parcels is 1.5 Million inclusive of a freehold block title. The client is expected to pay 50% (ksh 750,000) and the balance should be offset within 6 months.

Having said all that, we are so grateful for your interest on our project and our most sincere hope is that we will serve you soon. Cheers!

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