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Kilifi town is one of the most underrated historical towns on the Kenyan Coast. It sits on the Estuary of River Goshi and has a population of about 122,000 people. The town lies on the creek between Mombasa and Malindi and is the capital of Kilifi County since 2010 after the merging of the Kilifi District and Malindi district. Recently it came to the spotlight when investors discovered the massive availability of affordable land.


Town Administration.


Being the Capital center of Kilifi County, Kilifi town houses a number of county offices. The County Governor, Honorable Amason J. Kingi in a meeting representing the coast governors, said that besides politics their main goal was to focus on efficient service delivery. The Kilifi County Government has roughly about ten departments all of which are headed by able individuals willing to bring change to the County. Some of these departments are,


  1. Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries


  1. Devolution, Public Service and Disaster Management


  1. Education and ICT


  1. Finance and Economic Planning


  1. Gender, culture, social services and sports


  1. Health Services


  1. Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Development


  1. Roads, Public Works and Transport


  1. Trade, Tourism and Cooperate Development


  1. Water, Environment and Natural Resources


These departments have been a good source of Kilifi county jobs and thus have many families depending on them.


Climate and Geography.


Kilifi Town is located 38.9 degrees East and 3.63 degrees south and on both sides of the inlet. The southern part has the Mnarani Ruins and the Shauri Moyo Beach while the North has the more prominent part of Kilifi Town consisting of Bofa Beach and the Town Centre.


The weather is generally warm for the better part of the year (25 degrees Celsius). Twice a year, the town experiences moderate rainfall. During the Long rains that come in between March and July and the short rains that start in October and End in December.


The town’s terrain is generally flat and is well endowed with sandy-loamy soils making it suitable for farming. Anyone keen enough will spot a few common trees like Anticardium occidental, Azadirachta indicia, Cocos luciferase and Mangifera indicia. On these trees, you will see birds like the Kites, crows, and hawks.


Kilifi Statistics


Kilifi is an excellent example of a cosmopolitan town. The original inhabitants of the town are two Mijikenda groups, the Chonyi and the Giriama. Other inhabitants who have stayed in the place for quite a while including some Swahili- Arab Descendants, Bajunis, Barawas and some occupants from Kenya’s Inland, e.g., Kikuyu, Luo, Meru, and Kamba who came into the town for work as civil servants or came as investors. You will also find some Indians, British, German and Italian Individuals who bought the cheap plots in Kilifi and settled.


Means of Livelihood in the Town


Just like any coastal town, Fishing has been the primary economic activity of the town for quite a while. The small town that resembles Nakuru town in its early days is developing at a fast rate with many industrial activities streaming in with people who buy Land in Kilifi with the main aim of investing. The significant growth of the town can also be attributed to the Cashew Nut milling factory. One time, the town almost hit rock bottom when the industry closed down due to low production of cashew nuts. Other than this, the town is well known for milk processing in the Kilifi Plantations. These activities have provided great job opportunities for most residents in the area helping curb insecurities because most people are so preoccupied to think about crimes.


Social amenities


Kilifi Town has over the years grown, and various social amenities have been created to provide comfort and enjoyment to the natives and visitors of the town. The town has Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Malls, water, and electricity. KPLC Is the sole supplier of power in the town, and it gets its water from the Baricho water station, the most significant water supplier in Kilifi town and Mombasa connected to Sabaki River.




  1.      Hospitals.


Kilifi District Hospital is a Government health center located in Hospital Sub-location, Township location, Bahari Division, Bahari Constituency in Kilifi County. It provides all services ranging from antenatal to tuberculosis treatment. Inside the general hospital is the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, a large medical research institution collaborative between Kenya’s Medical Research Institute and the British Wellcome Trust. They are known for their extensive research on malaria and bacterial and viral childhood infections.


Besides this general hospital, there are a number of private clinics that provide health solutions in the town. Among them is the Khairat Medical Centre that recently commenced operations and is equipped with modern laboratory, x-ray and scan machines with qualified personnel. It is situated in the Mtaani area of Sokoni Sub-Location opposite Masjid Hudaa in Kilifi town.


  1.      Learning Institutions


When it comes to institutions of higher learning, the transformation of the Kilifi Institute of Agriculture to Pwani University has boosted the economic status of Kilifi town. With the staff and students generating income for investors who have built houses for rent in Kilifi and even those with homes for sale have sold some units to staff that permanently relocate to the town. Other tenants include students and the staff from other universities in Kilifi like the Mount Kenya University (Kilifi Branch), Nairobi University (Kilifi branch), Kenya Utalii College (Kilifi Branch) and Mombasa Aviation ( Kilifi Branch).


There are many high schools in Kilifi providing equal learning opportunities for both boys and girls. Some of these schools include Kilifi Township Secondary School and Majaoni Secondary Schools. In the Primary section, children attend Kilifi Primary School and the Kilifi Special Unit.


  1.      Hotels and Accommodation in Kilifi


Being a tourist destination. Kilifi is well endowed with 3 to 4-star hotels and several accommodation units that suit the needs of people visiting. Anyone intending to go for a holiday in Kilifi is sorted with some of these hotels


  1. 1.Bofa Beach Resort


  1. 2.Sea Front Hotel


  1. 3.Tropical Garden house


  1. 4.Distant Relatives Eco Lodge and


  1. 5.Kilifi Bay Beach Resort.


For a fantastic nightlife in Kilifi, clubs like Mamba International Night Club, Tembo disco and Castaways come in handy giving you an experience of a lifetime, with a live audience and incredible music all through the night. More people investing in real estate are building spaces and renting them to club owners who are turning Kilifi into a good spot for ultimate relaxation.


With the growing literate population in the town, banks in Kilifi have increased providing several banking solutions. There is the Kenya Commercial bank, Barclays Bank, Post Bank, Equity Bank and several microfinance institutions in the town.


  1.      Road Networks.


The county government of Kilifi has facilitated the development and maintenance of an efficient, safe, secure and intergraded transport system in the town. Some major roads like the Mavueni bypass, a road in Kenya connecting the municipalities of Mariakani to Kaloleni and Mavueni dissect through Kilifi. In March 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the tarmacking of the 45kmMariakani- Bamba Road in Kilifi, Ganze constituency and the Kilifi-Kiwandani primary roads.


Beach access roads in Kilifi have been created and tarmacked by the county government boosting business for beach houses and the hotels in Kilifi. This aside, there is a proposed dual carriage road that starts from sabasaba in Mombasa, through Kilifi all the way to Lamu. Still in Kilifi County, just before Kilifi town in Mtwapa is an ongoing project of road expansion and a bus park to ease congestion and unnecessary traffic.


Investments and Property Ownership in Kilifi Town.


Investing in the Coastal Region has been a risk for quite some time following on the issue of integrity because most plots for sale in Mombasa lack the right papers. However, companies like Inuka Afrika Properties Limited have come in to change the face of Real estate in Mombasa Kenya and the Kilifi Real estate market. The company takes potential buyers through the process of buying land on the coast in the most transparent and accountable way.


Land ownership in Kenya has turned out to be the safest form of investment with people buying land miles away from their paternal homes. Recently, People from the Kenyan Inland have discovered the affordability of plots for sale on the coast, and they are leaving the flooded town centers to acquire land in the interiors of places like Kilifi. Most of the Land is ancestral land sold by people who inherited it from their forefathers. The Land Registry in Kilifi comes through with documents of the transfer of ownership from the original owners to buyers within a short time.


At the moment, buying land in Mombasa is a little tricky compared to buying property in Kilifi because of congestion. Most land in Mombasa is already occupied, and the initial occupants of Mombasa who bought land with the hope of creating a calm space for themselves are in the process of selling their property to move to less congested places like Vipingo and Kilifi. Kilifi has readily available land suitable for immediate settlement, agribusiness and commercial purposes considering it’s still a developing town with so much yet to be done.


With the coming of the Centum City, analysts state that Kilifi is a prime place and in a few years’ time, getting a plot for sale will be almost impossible or too expensive. There solid advice to investors is to buy land now because tomorrow there will be lots of money with no area to purchase.




Inuka Afrika Properties Limited.


This is a registered real estate company that came into the market five years ago to provide a solution for people who wanted to invest in the coast but had integrity issues with the land vendors. It has completed over 25 projects selling about 950 plots through the period. With most of its projects being in Kilifi, they have managed other successful projects in Mariakani, Mackinnon,  Chakama, Marereni, and Mtwapa.


In Kilifi, the company has about seven successful projects. In June 28th, they did a winning hand over of Bofa 2 project an event that had close to 200 guests both official landowners of the project and new prospective investors. The project was 1.2 km from the Mombasa-Malindi highway and 1.2 km to the beach and was a good bet for building a residential home, something that most buyers of the project have started working on.


In the same area is Inuka Rafiki Gardens that is 400m from the highway making it such a prime place. With its location, it is ideal for residential units both for personal and commercial purposes. Another successful project was the Inuka 2 and Inuka Homes phase 1 in Majaoni that was sold out after three weeks of launching it. Inuka homes were 500m from the Mombasa-Malindi highway on the beach opposite side. It is ideal for farming and settlement.


Opposite the Arabusokoke Forest, right on the Mombasa-Malindi highway is Roka gardens another project that did so well and was a client’s favorite in Kilifi. The first row of the project was ideal for commercial purposes, and the rest could be used for settlement.


Currently, the Company is working on a new project in Tezo that was launched less than a month ago and has less than ten plots left. The project is 2km from Tezo Market and is ideal for many purposes such as Farming and settlement.


Inuka Afrika has made it easy for so many people from all classes of life to be landowners within a short time with their flexible means of Payment. The company has a policy that states that any client is only required to pay 50% of the price of a project they are interested in and they can clear the balance in installments of up to 6 months. For some projects, a client can pay as low as ksh 10,000 every month.


The company does value addition for projects. They fence the entire parcel of land, create access roads and ensure there is water and electricity within. After a client is done paying, they liaise with the Land offices and within a short period transfer the title deeds from the company’s name to the respective clients’ name.


The company has three directors, a chairman and determined staff that uphold the company’s co-values serving every client with the utmost respect and care. Without a second thought, Inuka Afrika is your most trusted elite partner in Real Estate.


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